The Struggle

Variables in life can keep me stirred in my soul. 

Restlessness is here.
Tears flow easily when the bottom of disappointment comes. 
Sighs and shouts of exasperation are bubbling and finally, I let go ’till I’ve digested the thoughts that want to steal my peace. 
I choose to resolve. 
Thinking with my emotions must not rule the day. 
I move forward, breath deeply in and out finally looking to God for help.
He hears me. He gives me peace. Now I relax. I lean back to rest and freely breath.
By VtheV

Heavenly Christmas Celebration

Sounds of glorious exaltations, sounds of angels praise
Shouting, proclaiming, clearing the skies for the newborn King
Singing, “He’s here! The Savior of the world! Jesus, Emanuel is here!”
Willingly He leaves His heavenly home. He comes to earth in flesh and bone, limiting Him to our humanity.
We are His joy, He is our saving grace!
All life, praise His name!


Darkness gives up its place as light slowly invades.

The sun obeys the Creator and rises in the east.

God’s creations open their eyes, flap their wings and sing a morning song to Him.

The dew sparkles in the sunlight as tiny birds look through the grass for their morning meal.

God set in motion the sunrise, as He spoke, life and light existed.

I see a fresh new day, a gift not to be taken for granted.

By, VtheV

Change, Love and Laughter

Today, a bright warm day

Beams from the window lit by the love of God in pure sunshine surrounding me

I tried to stand still to soak it in like an IV to my veins

But felt like squirming and squeezing out of this skin into my healthy and imaginative body instead

A hard belly laugh, then a scream so loud I collapse on the grass and smile with relief

I think I’d feel better after that.

Some change, some change

Some love, some love

Some laughter, please some laughter

By VtheV

I See Love ❤️

Love is gracious

Love believes with you for good

Love speaks life

Love acts brave

Love is colorful

Love has ears and listens

Love is polite

Love speaks kindly

Love makes laughter

Love brings a happy heart

God is Love

By VtheV


As the Master painter guides his brush across the sky, pastel hues of pink and blue wake up my eyes.

Bright the dawn sky comes alive as the sun speaks to creation, encouraging and inviting nature to awake.

Winter adds beauty with sounds of doves cooing, birds chirping, the neighbor’s chickens fussing as the sun rises for a new day!

By Valerie The Victorious